亚博体彩网|哈维口中的"世界最佳中场" 28岁已经踢不上球了


About a week ago, Wilshere announced on his Twitter that he had cancelled his contract with West Ham in advance and became a free agent. In the past two seasons, he has played 16 Premier League games for the Hammers, totaling 210 minutes, and he is an out-and-out marginal man.



According to media reports, Wilshere has spent most of the past 2 years with hospital beds. This may have become a way of thinking among reporters: when you can’t see Wilshere on the court , He was probably hurt again.


Wilshere’s own explanation is: I have been completely healthy for a long time, including the past 8 months, and have been training hard every day, but unfortunately I never got a chance to play.


At the end of this statement, it almost turned into a low-pitched cover letter: I still want to play football and want to succeed. I am only 28 years old, healthy and ready to play at any time.


In 10 years, from England's most watched genius to almost no ball to play. Even if he has been labelled as a "scrap prince", Wilshere's falling speed is beyond many people's imagination.


In any search engine to retrieve Wilshere, the keywords you get except "injured" are mostly "Barcelona".


As another representative of the peak of his debut, Wilshere showed talent at the age of 18 years and 68 days, and to this day, no second Arsenal player has come close.


Facing the suffocation of the pinnacle Dream III, next to the half-skilled Alexander Song, Wilshere assumed the responsibility of dribbling the ball and shifting from defense to offense. With skillful passing belts and dexterous turning around to get rid of, he doesn't look like an English player at all, but he hasn't lost the unrelenting strength of traditional English football, controlling the ball again and again in the surrounding Barcelona players. Hand the ball comfortably to the feet of your teammates.

面对巅峰之梦Dream III的窒息,在技能娴熟的亚历山大·宋(Alexander Song)旁边,威尔希尔承担了运球和从防守转为进攻的责任。凭借熟练的传球带和灵巧的转身摆脱,他看上去根本不像英国球员,但他并没有失去传统英格兰足球的不屈不挠的力量,在周围的巴塞罗那球亚博体彩网站员中一次又一次地控制球。舒适地将球传到队友的脚上。

This is why, even though Van Persie and Arshavin scored for Arsenal in that game, the fans mentioned the most but Wilshere, who played the Champions League knockout for the first time. Harvey is full of praise for this younger generation. Until 2015, Wilshere has a tendency to hurt Zhongyong. Harvey is still insisting on his own judgment: "As long as he overcomes the injury, he is still the best One of the midfielders."


With a 2-1 advantage as a guest at the Nou Camp, with Van Persie's controversy and a 1-3 lagging situation, Wilshere sent a wonderful pass for Bendtner before the end of the game, but Denmark Finally, with clumsy footsteps, Arsenal opened the glorious tradition of standing and dying in the Champions League every year...


Is it the injury that brought Wilshere to where he is today?


This is of course an obvious factor. Starting from the severe stress fracture of his left ankle in July 2011, the injury swallowed Wilshere like a scourge. The 2011-12 season was reimbursed for the entire season, the 2014-15 season only played 732 minutes, and the 2015-16 season only played 141 minutes. The fragile ankle has not been cured, and the fibula has become the new Achilles' heel. In addition, physical development inevitably affects flexibility, and the promotion and escape of his fame have become increasingly mediocre.

这当然是显而易见的因素。从2011年7月左脚踝严重的应力性骨折开始,这种伤害像祸害一样吞噬了威尔希尔。 2011-12赛季整个赛季都得到报销,2014-15赛季仅出场732分钟,而2015-16赛季只出场141分钟。脆弱的脚踝尚未治愈,腓骨已成为新的致命弱点。另外,身体的发展不可避免地会影响身体的柔韧性,而名声的升迁也变得越来越平庸。

Wenger later admitted that the excessive use of Wilshere in his early years may have led to his frequent injuries. In the blockbuster 2010-11 season, the 18-year-old Wilshere played 49 official games, and the team was only less than Arshavin.


But it would be unfair to throw all the pot of Wilshere's light-speed decline to injury and Wenger.


If you have watched most of Wilshere's games at Arsenal, you will find that his ability to read games fluctuates, sometimes like a midfielder walking around in the garden, sorting out the midfield in an orderly manner, and sometimes like a search The headless fly not to the north is at a loss when it takes the ball to the crowd.


The method of playing where there are many people not only often misses the opportunity, but also makes him a target of "logging" by the opponent. And his fierce temper, the more he is intercepted and fouled, the more passionate he is. He always fantasizes about a person making a bloody path in the opponent's hinterland. The result is only a more fierce foul. The more important reason he became a glass man.


(Wilshire shovels Pennant and almost leads to a gang fight)


Looking at it now, there are actually a lot of chances in the Champions League knockout game that made him famous in Europe. On the one hand, he is online and his mentality is not as impetuous as he became famous. On the other hand, Harvey, Iniesta and Busquets play more "civilized" games than the rough guys in the Premier League and would rather act. The background board refused to let a sliding shovel fall down.


However, the public opinion at the time did not care about these. They shouted "Next Gascoigne" and "Harvey of England", pushing Wilshere into the spotlight, ignoring whether his psychology was enough Mature enough to bear these expectations and pressures.


Unfortunately, judging from Wilshere's various actions in the future, the answer is no. In addition to the "traditional shows" of the British stars such as smoking and nightclubs, he even fought with the 17-year-old Tyreke Wilson opposite in a U23 league match between Arsenal and Manchester City in 2017 and was expelled by a red card. . That year, he was 25 years old.

不幸的是,从威尔希尔未来的各种行动来看,答案是否定的。除了吸烟和夜总会等英国明星的“传统表演”外,他甚至还与17岁的泰瑞克·威尔逊在2017年阿森纳和曼城之间的U23联赛中对战,并被红牌开除。 。 。那年,他25岁。

In the struggle against injuries and himself, the combative Wilshere slowly polished his aura, but he still failed to find the most lacking stability. He can still tell everyone why the world loves his talent so much at certain moments in certain games, but the difference between talent and strength lies in whether you can always keep yourself in the best condition.


Sometimes praising him for his inspiration, sometimes cursing his stupid mistakes, Wilshere gives fans the experience of watching the game, as hard to say as Wenger's late Arsenal. His career, along with Arsenal, has fallen in the ups and downs.


This is probably Gen Zhengmiaohong's prince.

这可能是Gen Zhengmiaohong的王子。

I don't know if the talented Wilshere flashed in his mind when Arteta was struggling to pursue Oyar. But 99% of the story of the prince's return to his homeland has no chance to be staged: Arsenal is no longer the Arsenal that year, and Wilshere is no longer the Wilshere.


Even in his body, there is still the purest DNA of the shooter.


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